Your Comprehensive Guide for Concussion Recovery

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For Parents & Kids

It's your job to worry, but with the PACE Concussion app, you don't have to! The PACE Concussion app acts as your step-by-step GPS navigation system, to help get your child back to play, school, and sport... safely & with certainty that you have the best advice available. Gone are the days of having your child sit in the dark for weeks or months waiting for them to recover. With the PACE Concussion app you know exactly what to do, and when, to rest and stimulate your child's brain at the right intervals, and track their progress along the way. There is no mystery. And it's so easy, your child can use the app themselves too!

For Healthcare Providers

You know the science and study of concussions is rapidly changing. With the PACE Concussion app you gain the confidence that you are recommending the best at-home support you can offer to your patients. PACE Concussion protocols are developed with support of leading brain injury medical researchers and professionals, with support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

For Coaches & Teachers

Your job increasingly requires rapid recommendations for concussion care, since you are often the 'first one on the scene' after an injury. With the PACE Concussion app, you can quickly access the information you need to determine if a child may have had a concussion and get kids the care they need. You can support your concussed students or athletes with the best step-by-step return to play, sport, and school protocol available today.